Friday 27th October


7:00pm—Opening Ceremony—Dr. Maxim de Sauma, Prof. Catalina Bronstein, Mrs. Egle Laufer and Prof. François Ladame

7:40pm-8:55pm’Psychotic Functioning: the role of delusion’ by Prof. Catalina Bronstein (Chair: Prof. François Ladame)

8:55pm—10:30pm— Drinks and canapés


Saturday 28th October


9:00am-10:15am’The Analysis of an Avoidant Adolescent: a Clinical Presentation’ by Dr. Maxim de Sauma (Chair: Mrs. Hannah Solemani)


10:55am—12:10pm’The drives, the invasive object: surviving Adolescence’ by Dr. Sara Flanders (Chair: Mr. Peter Wilson)


1:40pm—2:50pm—Master Class and Parallel Papers

  • Master Class by Dr. Robin Anderson and Mrs. Georgia Miller (Chair: Dr. Ana Paulina Sauma)
  • ‘What prevents adolescents from suicide’ by Prof. François Ladame (Chair: Dr. Sara Flanders)
  • ‘Reflections on Adolescent Exploratory Therapy with a 16 year old boy’ by Mrs. Joelle Alfille-Cook (Chair: Prof. Catalina Bronstein)
  • Work with Young Offenders: the Brent Centre’ by Ms. Sarah Fielding (Chair: dr. Maxim de Sauma)

2:50pm– 3:30pm—Break

3:30pm– 4:40pm—Parallel Papers:

  • ‘Fantasizing and its evolution in Adolescent Breakdown’ by Dr. Anna Nicolò (Chair: Dr. Ana Paulina Sauma)
  • ‘The Brent Focal Research: The suicide sequence’ by Dr. Jack Novick and Mrs. Kerry Kelly Novick (Chair: Prof. Enrico de Vito)
  • ‘Comparative study of time limited psychotherapeutic treatments' outcome: a collaboration between the Child Adolescent Family Unit of Padova and the Brent Centre for Young People’ by Prof. Michela Gatta, Dr, Maxim de Sauma and Prof. Emilia Ferruzza (Chair: Ms. Sara Fielding)
  • ‘Psychotherapeutic work in Schools’ by Ms. Jana Duchonova (Chair: Mrs Joelle Alfille-Cook)

4:40pm—5pm—Closing ceremony