Friday 27th October


7:00pm—Opening Ceremony—Dr. Maxim de Sauma, Prof. Catalina Bronstein, Mrs. Egle Laufer and Prof. François Ladame

7:40pm-8:55pm’Psychotic Functioning: the role of delusion’ by Prof. Catalina Bronstein (Chair: Prof. François Ladame)

8:55pm—10:30pm— Drinks and canapés


Saturday 28th October


9:00am-10:15am’The Analysis of an Avoidant Adolescent: a Clinical Presentation’ by Dr. Maxim de Sauma (Chair: Mrs. Hannah Solemani)


10:55am—12:10pm’The drives, the invasive object: surviving Adolescence’ by Dr. Sara Flanders (Chair: Mr. Peter Wilson)


1:40pm—2:50pm—Master Class and Parallel Papers

  • Master Class by Dr. Robin Anderson and Mrs. Georgia Miller (Chair: Dr. Ana Paulina Sauma)
  • ‘What prevents adolescents from suicide’ by Prof. François Ladame (Chair: Dr. Sara Flanders)
  • ‘Reflections on Adolescent Exploratory Therapy with a 16 year old boy’ by Mrs. Joelle Alfille-Cook (Chair: Prof. Catalina Bronstein)
  • Work with Young Offenders: the Brent Centre’ by Ms. Sarah Fielding (Chair: dr. Maxim de Sauma)

2:50pm– 3:30pm—Break

3:30pm– 4:40pm—Parallel Papers:

  • ‘Fantasizing and its evolution in Adolescent Breakdown’ by Dr. Anna Nicolò (Chair: Dr. Ana Paulina Sauma)
  • ‘The Brent Focal Research: The suicide sequence’ by Dr. Jack Novick and Mrs. Kerry Kelly Novick (Chair: Prof. Enrico de Vito)
  • ‘Comparative study of time limited psychotherapeutic treatments' outcome: a collaboration between the Child Adolescent Family Unit of Padova and the Brent Centre for Young People’ by Prof. Michela Gatta, Dr, Maxim de Sauma, Prof. Emilia Ferruzza, Miss Clare Brunst and Miss Manuela Difronzo (Chair: Ms. Sara Fielding)
  • ‘Psychotherapeutic work in Schools’ by Ms. Jana Duchonova (Chair: Mrs Joelle Alfille-Cook)

4:40pm—5pm—Closing ceremony