Working in partnership

We work in partnership with a range of other professionals and services in the health and education sectors to provide the best possible care for young people.

Brent Centre Partnerships

Our partnership work includes:

  • Making our services available for commission
  • Delivering our services at other young person organisations and schools
  • Building successful pathways for the referral of young people, both to our services at the Brent Centre and from our services to other external organisations
  • Liaising with other professionals involved with a young person’s care to ensure that common goals are maintained

We work closely with NHS Brent (Primary Care Trust) which commissions some of our services at the Centre. Some of our services are also commissioned by schools that want to increase the emotional support available to their pupils.

We work with a number of educational settings to deliver our services out in the community. Our therapists go to schools and offer therapy sessions in a designated space on site. Pupils are referred by their Child Protection Officer, Special Educational Needs Coordinator or other members of school staff. 

We also work with the Brent Youth Offending Service, providing talking therapies to young offenders and also consultation and support to staff on site. Staff at the Youth Offending Service are also sometimes involved in group therapy sessions as co-facilitators.

We work with GPs and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to ensure a smooth and efficient referral process for young people to access our services. We also maintain relationships with other services available in the community, such as for training or sexual health, which we refer young people to when necessary.

The support we offer can sometimes involve liaising with other professionals who are working with the young people we are seeing, such as social services, special educational needs professionals or youth offending team members. We work with these professionals to ensure that the young person is receiving all the help and support they need, and to make sure everyone is working together towards the same aim.

Starting a partnership with us

If you work in a school or for a young person’s organisation and would like to discuss opportunities to work in partnership with us, please contact us to speak to our CEO and Clinical Director Dr Maxim de Sauma or Sarah Fielding, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Clinical Director.

Download our brochure to find out more about the mental health services we can offer your school.

Information for GPs

We work in partnership with all GP practices in the London Borough of Brent. GPs can refer people aged 14 – 21 to access services at our Centre by using the Brent Centre for Young People referral form. 

Please visit our Information for GPs page to find out more.