Family therapy and parent support

Family Therapy 

Some people that come to the Centre are experiencing difficulties that are best addressed with their families there. They may be struggling with something outside of their home which has become so difficult that it is affecting their relationships with parents or carers and siblings. Or something may have happened within the family that causes disruption and breakdown in their relationships.

If this is the case for you, it is often helpful for other members of your family to come to sessions with you, so that you can think together with a therapist and begin to work on things you would like to change. In sessions, your therapist will engage everyone in a group discussion; helping your family to address the difficulties you and they are facing, and help you to move forward.

Good to know:

  • Therapy sessions are sometimes weekly, and sometimes fortnightly, but the frequency will depend on your own needs
  • At the end of each appointment you will be invited to make another one if you want to
  • Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes
  • Usually families come for up to 6 sessions, but if necessary you can continue having sessions for as long as you need
  • Some families will have sessions with one therapist, and some will see two therapists together. This could depend on what difficulties you are experiencing, and how many family members will be coming.
  • You will see the same therapist(s) for all your sessions                                                                                                                                        

Support for Parents and Carers

We offer support sessions which give parents and carers the opportunity to talk about the help their son or daughter needs. They are also a space for parents to discuss their own concerns about their young person.

Parent support sessions are offered at our Centre when a young person is in Adolescent Exploratory Therapy or Psychotherapy. Sessions are also available to the parents or carers of young people accessing our services in schools.

What is discussed in a young person’s own sessions will not be shared in support sessions unless the young person has given their consent.

Good to know:

  • Support sessions are flexible and the number and frequency of sessions will depend on how many are needed
  • At the end of each appointment you will be invited to make another one if you want to
  • Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes
  • Sessions are available at our Centre and in some schools
  • Parents and carers will see a different therapist to the young person’s therapist