Group therapies

Some groups of young people can share similar difficulties such as anxiety, depression, anger, finding it difficult to make friends, behaving in a particular way or not having English as their first language. We offer group sessions for some young people who may find it more helpful to talk to a therapist in a group.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a chance for you to talk to one or two of our therapists in a group with others. Some group sessions will have topics which everyone will discuss together, and other group sessions will be open for you to discuss whatever you want. Group therapy is a space for young people to sit together and share experiences, thoughts and feelings. The therapist(s) will help you to think together about any difficulties you might be facing, and what changes you want to make.

While for some people, going to group therapy is enough, sometimes people will see a therapist individually as well. If you finish the group sessions and decide you would like to continue seeing a therapist, you will have the opportunity to discuss starting individual sessions.

Good to know:

  • You will meet with the therapist(s) individually for an initial assessment before starting group therapy
  • Group therapy sessions are usually weekly
  • Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes
  • Sessions are available at our Centre and in most of the other places we work in our community
  • Group therapy will usually continue for a set time period, such as a school term, six months or an academic year
  • Most group sessions will be run by two therapists, or one therapist with a member of staff from the other places we work in our community
  • You will see the same therapist(s) for all your sessions

Sport and Thought

Sport and Thought is a programme of football coaching and group therapy. To find out more about it, visit the Sport and Thought page.