Sport and Thought

Sport & Thought

Sport & Thought is a programme of football coaching and group therapy. It is a different kind of talking therapy to our other services, and has been developed at the Brent Centre. Sport & Thought programmes are run especially for people who struggle with their behaviour and find it difficult to engage in school.

During Sport & Thought sessions you will take part in football training drills and matches with other young people, and the therapist will join in, talking with you about your playing and your behaviour. If someone disrupts the session with their behaviour, the therapist will try and help you think about why that person may have misbehaved. For example if someone ignores the instruction given to them by
the coaches, perhaps they struggle to follow rules in the classroom or at home? Or if someone doesn’t pass the ball and keeps it to themselves, maybe they find it hard to work in a team?

Sport & Thought sessions aim to help you understand your behaviour, and how you can make changes so that you get into less trouble in school or with your friends. Sessions can also help you feel more positive about your future, and help you to make the most of your time at school.

Good to know:

  • You will meet with a therapist individually for an initial assessment before starting Sport & Thought
  • Sport & Thought sessions are usually weekly
  • Each session lasts approximately an hour and a half
  • Sport & Thought sessions are available at some of the places we work in our community
  • Sport & Thought programmes will usually be for a set time period, such as a school term, six months or an academic year
  • Sessions will be run by one of our therapists and football coaches
  • You will see the same therapist for all your sessions