Brent Centre patient ‘wins grant for podcast’ in Kilburn Times

Pauline Blanchet, a former patient of the Brent Centre made it onto pg. 5 of the Kilburn Times last week, after winning a grant to make a new podcast on mental health.

Pauline, who previously featured in the centre’s Coping & Growing video, was in the news for receiving a £300 grant from the 02 Think Big Foundation.

Ms Blanchett, 21, said she was “delighted” with the win, which she wants to use to bust stigma, educate and raise awareness around mental health.

The Brent Centre will team up with Pauline to help her produce six radio episodes on mental health over the next three months, including:

  • Social media
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety at university
  • International development and the media, and
  • LGBTI teens
  • Mental health in the media
  • Men and boys and mental health.

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