Brent Centre’s Green Paper letter in Kilburn Times

The Brent Centre's letter to the Secretary of State on the government's Green Paper made it into the Kilburn Times last week. 

Our CEO Dr Maxim de Sauma gave an interview to journalist Nathalie Raffray of the Times about the moves being made by government in their latest Green Paper on child mental health.

The Centre, along with other bodies in the psychoanalysis field, fears the existing evidence on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is being overlooked in a rush towards funding new and ‘innovative’ solutions.

Whilst the Centre welcomes renewed government interest in youth mental health, it pointed out psychotherapy has been found to be just as or more effective as CBT and other short-term NHS modalities in the latest double-blind studies.

It is also feared that sending in ‘untrained’ staff to schools could have negative consequences for young people already stuck in the ‘revolving door’ of NHS treatment, or on long waiting lists for treatment.

The Centre drew heavily on its 50 years of experience working with over 600 young people a year in the interview.

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