Team Brent runs the London Marathon 2018 - raising over £12,000

Luca Hunter, Tom Gregory, Lee Messina, Miles Entwistle and Andre Howell all ran the London Marathon on 22nd April 2018 in support of the Brent Centre, raising over £12,000.

The five runners - three seasoned and two newbies - braved a scorching "hottest London marathon on record" at 24C to take on the 26 mile / 42 km run which wends its way across London from Blackheath Park in Greenwich to St James Park.

'Pro' Luca Hunter (centre) with her much-deserved Marathon medal - her 29th marathon to date - with Brent Centre staff Jana Duchovna left, and Katherine Shillito, right

Luca Hunter - dubbed the 'marathon pro' - was second in at four hours and 15 minutes - having 'only' run the Rome Marathon last weekend PLUS two 10Ks, two half-marathons since January.

Luca did not even look tired after her run - although she did say it had been "hot". Personally, we thought she looked like she had just been for a walk in the park.

Thank you Luca for your brilliant efforts on behalf of the Brent Centre - including raising a fantastic £6,000 for the Brent Centre after nominating us to be her company's Charity of the Month. Hoppers Restaurants in Marylebone are the generous sponsors of Luca on her run this year and the Brent Centre, so many thanks also to Hoppers.

Runner Lee Messina was first in to finish at a speedy 3 hours and 30 minutes - so quick we almost missed him! He also raised the Brent Centre three times his target at £1,400 - so congratulations and a big thank-you to Lee!

Next in was Tom Gregory, who said he 'hit the wall' at 18km - but ploughed on through. The toughest thing he's ever done? Yes. Worth it? Yes.


Tom and his wife look at the picnic spread in disbelief that he is still alive 

A huge thank you to Tom, and his family, for all his efforts on and off the track! Tom raised a brilliant £2,835 for the Centre. 

Miles Entwistle was next to make it across the finish line valiantly - on his second marathon for the Brent Centre. Miles flew in specially from the Emirates to undertake the big run and has raised a marvellous £1,100 - with more to come! A big thank you to Miles for all his efforts, both here and overseas.

Andre Howell, of Brent Youth Offending Service, had two hurdles to overcome on his first ever London marathon - and first ever challenge for the Brent Centre.

In addition to overcoming the length and training hurdle, Andre faced a 'wall of heat' in the Marathon's hottest ever year.

Andre described scenes from the back, in temperatures of 24C / 73F as 'people dropping like flies' - yet he braved the heat to tough it through.

A big thank you to Andre for taking on your first ever marathon in support of the Brent Centre - and well done for making it on through! 

Thank you to all the runners for their efforts in raising money for young people’s mental health. The money raised will go towards supporting the disadvantaged young people who access our services from all over Brent - and cannot afford to access private mental health treatment. 

Scenes of congestion at this year's London marathon - with the Brent Centre meeting spot in the middle!

 If you have been inspired and would like to find out more about running the London Marathon in 2017, or taking part in another challenge, please email