LISTEN NOW: We are excited this World Mental Health Day to launch our new patient-produced podcast Speak Up Brent!

Youth Mental Health Podcast launch

A generation addicted to social media and often derided as the 'snowflake' generation, this podcast gives young people of the 21st century the opportunity to 'Speak Up' about the realities of youth mental health in 2018 Britain.

"It was this insane world where my reality shifted to online - I was just addicted to it."

"There was a certain frustration when we reached six weeks and I still wanted to kill myself."

"It's not that people didn't want to help, it's that I didn't know how to ask for help."

"My blog was something that almost killed me but also saved me…because my parents found it."

"People our age are a guinea pig generation."

 This World Mental Health Day October 10, the Brent Centre is launching a series of podcasts made by young people for young people to help bust the stigma around youth mental health.

On each of the six episodes, young people from across Brent and London candidly open up about the real-time issues they face in 21st century Britain.

From losing teenage friends to suicide, to panic attacks in the park, from being addicted to social media to how to be a Head Boy with schizophrenia - hear exclusive interviews conducted by 22-year old Pauline, a former mental health patient of the Brent Centre for Young People, taking an honest look at some taboo subjects.

The first episode: 'Suicide and the Starting Point,' is available now on to download. CLICK HERE to access the podcast. 

Along with interviews with world-renowned experts in the field of youth mental health, our podcast features an exclusive interview with the BBC's Louis Theroux on the 'ethics' of making mental health and mental illness documentaries, tea and chat with Yvonne Bailey-Smith, a Brent social worker and systemic psychotherapist (otherwise known as Zadie Smith's mum,) on 'good parenting' - along with other figures leading the way in the mental health awareness movement.

Creator Pauline Blanchet, who won £300 funding to make the podcast from the 02 Foundation, said: "I wanted to make this podcast as I felt not enough was being done to help young people with mental health issues - as young people are self-harming in rising numbers, and no-one really seems to be doing anything about it. I hope this podcast will give young people the confidence and the optimism to know they are not alone and they can find help and that many more young people are facing these issues than they might realise."

The next five episodes of the podcast - each of which will also feature a short video of the interviews - will cover:

CEO and Director of the Brent Centre Dr Maxim de Sauma said: "We wanted to support Pauline in her journey to produce this podcast reaching out to other young people. She has come a long way since she was a patient at the Brent Centre and we are proud of her work and hope this gives young people the confidence to come forwards when help is available to ask for it. Young people are experiencing a mental health crisis driven by a number of factors and we want to make sure that no one young person feels they are truly alone and that there is no hope or no help available. There is always hope, and always help."

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