BBC Radio 5 Live: BCYP psychotherapist Adam Kay discussing Solutions to knife crime

This morning at 11.30am Brent Centre Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist Adam Kay was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live about working with young people at risk of or effected by knife crime.

Adam was joined in the segment by a friend of Quamari Barnes, who was fatally stabbed aged 15 outside his school in Wembley in 2017, and two representatives from Street Doctors, who are trying to educate people how to respond and prevent knife crime on the street.

The programme, presented by the BBC's Emma Barnett, followed the recent news that knife crime has reached record levels in the capital, and focused on looking at solutions to knife crime.

The full programme can be listened to here: BBC Radio 5 Live - the Emma Barnett show. 

Listen from 1.38 - 1.55 to hear the full interview.

Adam talked about working with young people at the Youth Offending Service and how psychotherapy helps young people to become more aware of choices, as well as the importance for young people to be engaged in positive, meaningful opportunities.