Local team of dads raises close to £11,000 for BCYP

A group of 13 local dads brought together through a common primary school have raised almost £11,000 for the BCYP by cycling from London to Lands' End. 

The group of dads from St Joseph's school, who completed the strenuous, 650km ride over just four days was comprised of: Michael Murphy, Gerhard von dem Hagen, Dave Koczan Santiago, Jarett Gedir, Marco Vetrone, Alessandro Graziano, Chris Byng, Peter Murphy, Anthony Nashokigwa, Robbie Weich, Diego Agostini, Kevin Connolly, and Pierre Lecat.

"We are very grateful to this group for completing this gruelling challenge in support of the Centre", said Dr Maxim de Sauma, BCYP Chief Executive Officer and Clinical Director. "Thanks to this funding we can reach more vulnerable, young people in Brent with talking therapies who may not otherwise have access, helping to respond to the rising mental health challenges we're seeing due to covid-19".