Support us

Make a donation

Please go to our make a donation page to donate using your credit or debit card, or by sending a cheque in the post.

Donate as you earn

Donating to the Brent Centre straight from your pay is a quick and easy way to regularly support us. It is also tax efficient, and allows us to plan for the future.

A payroll giving pledge of £5 per month costs the basic rate tax payer just £4 and we receive the full £5, the rest is paid from HMRC. For the higher rate tax payer the same donation will cost just £3.

To set up a donation to us using payroll giving, please ask your payroll department to organise it. If your payroll department doesn’t offer a scheme, it is easy and inexpensive for them to set one up.  They need to register with a HMRC registered Payroll Giving Agency. You can find out more here.

Leaving a legacy

By remembering the Brent Centre for Young People in your Will you can help to build a better future for young people for generations to come. After taking care of family and loved ones, a small gift to the Brent Centre will give other young people the chance to enjoy healthier, happier futures. If you would like more information about remembering the Brent Centre in your Will, please contact us at or call 0207 328 0918 for an information pack.


Gifts in Kind

You can support the Brent Centre in more ways than just financially. If you have a skill, a product or a service which we could benefit from, you can donate this as a gift in kind. Perhaps you have a computer you no longer need? Or could help us with your gardening skills? The possibilities are endless.

Gifts like this are incredibly valuable to us, as they can help us to reduce our costs so that as much time and money as possible can be spent on providing help and support to young people. To discuss gifts in kind with us, or to donate, please contact us at or by calling 0207 328 0918.


A great and enjoyable way to support the Brent Centre is to attend one of our fundraising events. To find out what events we have coming up, please visit our events page.

Volunteer fundraisers

Coffee mornings, sponsored events, dinner parties... The ways to raise funds as a volunteer are only limited by your imagination. If you would like to volunteer for the Brent Centre then please visit our volunteering page to find out more.

Trusts and grant making organisations

Trusts and grant making bodies are essential to our work and we are extremely grateful to those that already support us.

If you are a grant making body or you know of a grant making body that has the same aims and aspirations as the Brent Centre, please email or call 0207 328 0918 to speak with a member of our fundraising team.