Dr and Mrs Laufer published a total of five books about adolescent mental health. Some of these titles can be bought from the publishers, Karnac Books Ltd. Other titles can be bought second hand.

More recently, research carried out at the Brent Centre has been included in a book called Social Defences Against Anxiety: Explorations in a Paradigm, which is also available to buy from Karnac Books Ltd.

Social Defences Against Anxiety

Social Defences Against Anxiety: Explorations in a Paradigm

Edited by Armstrong, D. and Rustin, M. (2014 Karnac Books, London)

Research carried out by the Brent Centre is included in a chapter entitled Unconscious Defences against Anxiety in a Youth Offending Service by Dr Maxim de Sauma, Sarah Fielding and Michael Rustin.

Adolescent Breakdown and Beyond

Edited by Laufer, M. (1997 Karnac Books, London)

Contains papers giving up-to-date psychodynamic perspectives on adolescent breakdown by leading clinical experts. These cover a range of topics, such as differing patterns of development in male and female adolescents, and the particular problems of psychotherapeutic intervention.

The Suicidal Adolescent

Edited by Laufer, M. (1995 Karnac Books, London)

Contains a wealth of case material illuminating many aspects of a harrowing problem. The book provides practical therapeutic insights, and also a model of why adolescents might become suicidal.

Developmental Breakdown and Psychoanalytic Treatment in Adolescence – Clinical Studies

Edited by Laufer, M and Laufer, M. Egle. (1989 Yale University Press)

This book describes the assessment and psychoanalytic treatment of nine severely disturbed adolescents. The belief that underlies the discussion is that psychopathology has a different meaning in adolescence than it does in childhood or adulthood and that the severe disorders of this period  - some of which give the impression of the presence of psychosis, confused thinking and distortions of body image –may be more responsive to intensive psychodynamic treatment than has been previously thought.  

Adolescence and Developmental Breakdown – A Psychoanalytic View

Laufer, M and Laufer M. Egle. (1984 Yale University Press, 1995 Karnac Books, London)

In this book, Moses and Egle Laufer contend that severely disturbed adolescents can be assessed and treated psychoanalytically, that their illness differs from comparable illnesses in older patients, and that the psychopathology has its source in conflicts over the sexually mature body. Extensive case histories support their argument.

Adolescent Disturbance and Breakdown

Laufer, M. (1975 Penguin Books Ltd.)

Moses Laufer’s clear and authoritative book sets out the normal psychological development of the adolescent, and then discusses the causes and symptoms which characterise mental disturbance, illness or vulnerability to breakdown. In a concluding chapter he analyses the effectiveness of various forms of assessment, treatment and care in dealing with the adolescent at risk.


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